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Papers & reports

The following documents constitute a representative sampling of the most significant papers and reports from SCI and SCI projects. SCI annual reports and other internal documents are listed separately in the “About” section of this website. Also not included here are a number of speeches, presentations, and reports to specific audiences.

SCI 2020 Annual Report

Open science roadmap recommendations to UNESCO

Common Ground in the Global Quest for Open Access

14th Berlin Debate on Science and Science Policy

OSI Policy Brief 1: Plan S & the Quest for Global Open Access

OSI issue brief 3: Deceptive publishing

OSI issue brief 2: How fast is open growing?

OSI issue brief 1: What do we mean by open?

SciELO-20 presentation: finding common ground

Open science MOOC

OSI2018 report



OSI comment to EPA



OSI2017 report



OSI2016 report

Mapping the future of scholarly publishing

Op-Ed: What do we mean by STEM?



Journals & Science conference program



Science Communication Today