SCI Newsletter

The SCI newsletter was SCI’s signature project and outreach/education tool between 2013 and 2015. SCI also curated a sizable trove of important scicomm news articles  (around 600) between 2011 and 2016 which weren’t necessarily featured in the newsletter. Both the newsletter and curation effort are no longer active, both for a lack of time, and also because Google’s search algorithm penalizes news portal sites which link to existing content rather than produce original content (which means that this project resulted in the SCI website getting buried so deep in Google search results that it effectively couldn’t be found). Still, there’s fascinating stuff to look through here—it’s just a little difficult to access. Here’s how. The links below lead to MailChimp archives of past newsletters. The format and content of these links can’t be edited, so the article links are all broken (since the content has been removed from the SCI website). However, just copy and paste the abstract of the article(s) that interest you into Google search and the original news article should (in most cases anyway) pop up.